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Top Destinations in 2022

Here at Blue Shore Vacations, we have planned all types of trips for people from a weekend in Vegas to 8 days in Iceland to 11 days at Walt Disney World.

But we are seeing some trends for 2022!  Here are the top six trips/destinations our clients have booked so far:

6.  Rocky Mountaineer:  

Luxury train travel through the Canadian Rockies or in the US Rocky Mountains between Colorado and Utah.  You can add tours in any stop and luxury hotel stays before and after your train tour to create a custom trip of a lifetime. Meals prepared by your own team of chefs and nightly trained Guides spend the days with you on board.

A Rocky Mountaineer Guide sharing about the incredible scenery, The train travels at only 35 mph for so you can more fully experience and learn as you go.

5.  Beaches Turks and Caicos:

On the heels of my trip there in September, multiple clients have booked their stay at this incredible all-inclusive resort for the whole family.  My kids are still upset I didn’t take them just because of the Mac and Cheese Food Truck!

Beaches Resorts are family fun for all, luxury included.

4.  Caribbean Cruises:

Cruises to the Caribbean are nice because they depart out of a domestic port along the US coast, so your flights are generally easier, you experience multiple interesting cultures in a short amount of time, and you never have to pack up or change hotels because your floating resort goes with you!  We have several cruise lines at various price ranges, catering to adults only to families with young children to families with older teens/young adults…  so truly, something for everyone. 

Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, with her 4 story waterslide.

3.  Cancun:

Did you know there are literally hundreds of resorts in the greater Yucatan area?  And we have our client favorites for whatever type of trip you wish for.  Do you want a quiet week on the beach under a palm tree?  Or do you want a party all day and night?  Or maybe you want lots of active water sports options? Where is the actual best place to snorkel or scuba?  Who needs an over the water bungalow without the 36 hours it takes to fly to Bali? These are not all the same resort!  

Gorgeous views in Cancun.

2.  Alaska Cruise:

Did you know that the Alaska Cruising Season is only 5 months long?  I mean, it’s Alaska, so when you think about it, of course that’s true!!  But when you have 12 months worth of travelers trying to fit into 5 months… you begin to see why it is so popular and in absolute need of planning ahead.  (Pro tip:  we are already  booking summer 2023 for Alaska, so if we can’t get what you need for this year, we will definitely have better luck for next year.)

Princess Cruises is the leader in Alaska for 30+ years.

1. Walt Disney World Resort:

A perennial fan favorite with our clients, WDW is wildly popular for 2022. People searching for that ultimate family destination need to look no further than a vacation package for the whole family.  $200 deposit secures the room and if we book early, we get to make your Theme Park Reservations early.  Yep, there are so many more steps to booking your WDW trip, so many more nuances, and we are happy to help you maximize all of them.  

Epcot’s Spaceship Earth

Of course, we have Honorable Mentions for Iceland and Belize and specifically the Disney Cruise Line.

So there you have it, our top trips and destinations that our clients have already booked for 2022! Is your dream destination on our list? Are you going to call us and put it on our list?!!

Call us today to start planning your 2022 vacation.

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Written by Cindy Andersen, CEO at Blue Shore Vacations

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Top Destinations in 2022

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