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How Do I Give the Gift of Travel?

I have really noticed a shift in what people are looking for in life, particularly when it comes to gift giving.  With everything we have been through in the past two years, people want experiences, not things.  

Being together is most important.  

Making memories is better than stuff.  

Are you feeling that, too? I know we are. 

That’s where a family vacation or a getaway with your significant other becomes an amazing gift.  Always the right color, always the right size. You’re giving them the time you spend together, you’re making memories, building and growing bonds together, and solidifying who you are together.  These are things you can’t always create at home in the same way.  And they last forever.  

As you know, our family has taken a lot of family trips to Disney.  And we have developed a whole library of memories, inside jokes galore, and silly sayings we repeat every time we walk past this or that place.  Now our vacation days are filled with, “remember when __ happened?” Or “remember when ___ said __?”  

Each little memory triggers a little moment of joy.  And reminds us how much we love each other and enjoy our time together.  (Also, cue the tears for Mom!)

So you’d love to start building those libraries of family vacation memories, but wonder how you wrap something that you won’t do for another 2-4-6 months?!  Well, that’s where we can help you!  

We have some custom gifts to help you reveal a trip to your family, so you have something under the tree!  Whether it’s a Disney trip, a cruise, or something else altogether, we’ve got you covered, compete with a custom card for your person/people to read the details about their exciting upcoming trip!

Check our this video to see more about how we are helping all our clients bless their families with vacations under the Christmas tree:

To start building your family memories and plan your next trip, contact your favorite Blue Shore Vacations Travel Agent right here:

By Cindy Andersen, Owner at Blue Shore Vacations

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How Do I Give the Gift of Travel?

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